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Somethink Blue (1973/4).
Originally formed in mid-1973 to work the 'Christian Coffee House Circuit', eventually folding around mid-1974.

Performances included - The 'HOUSE of the NEW WORLD' (a.k.a. 'The House'), WEST RYDE NSW & CANAAN Coffee House, MANLY NSW

Rod JEFFERY: Vocals.
MATON 'Southern Star' six-string acoustic guitar & vocals:

Neville MITCHELL: MATON 'Southern Star' twelve-string acoustic guitar:
(In November 1973 Doug was replaced by Tim McNAMARA on six-string acoustic guitar & harmonica.)

Bailey/Markes Duo.
Tim and Rod took on the personas of 'Buzz' BAILEY & Lenny MARKES and performed at various venues, usually for drinks, and spent many hours writing and recording their own material on an old 'Sound-on-Sound' tape recorder fuelled by Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort into the wee small hours. (These sessions produced a latter-day audience favourite, SUNDAY MORNING in BALMAIN.)

Rod (Lenny MARKES) JEFFERY: Vocals
Tim ('Buzz' BAILEY) McNAMARA: Guitar/vocals/harmonica

Very nearly everything from this period still exists in one recorded format, or another. There are even tapes of Tim and Rod reworking some of the songs as late as 1988 and others with both Michael 'Greg' Kelso and Steve Barlow from the later 'garage' band era included on backing vocals and electric lead guitar respectively.


The 'Garage' Band.
Out of this period some lasting musical friendships which endure to the present day were to develop. It also took some of the Bailey/Marks material into the realms of rock and roll. John, the lead guitarist mentioned below, seems to have drifted into the mists of time as has John Lancaster, 'Greg' Kelso, Steve Barlow and Jess Harling. Tim McNamara is still singing, writing and recording his own songs. Paul Svenson is still playing drums, albeit in a country band. Grant has just returned (2001) to civilian life after nearly twenty years in the R.A.A.F, Brian Fulton (Arbuthnot) died following what appears to have been a very sudden bout of ill health and heart attack in Glebe around Christmas 2001 and 'Rod' Lewis is living on the South Coast of New South Wales near Jervis Bay.
Thanks to Tim, mainly, a couple of the tunes from this era still exist on tape - 'OBSERVATIONS' and 'SYDNEY LADIES'.

Rod JEFFERY: Vocals
Michael 'Greg' KELSO: Vocals
Tim McNAMARA: Vocals/acoustic & electric guitars/harmonica
John PIERCE: Electric lead guitar
Steve BARLOW: Electric lead guitar
(the 'late') Brian FULTON (ARBUTHNOT): Electric lead guitar
Geoff 'Rod' LEWIS: Electric guitar
John LANCASTER: Electric bass guitar
Paul 'Swanny' SVENSON: Drums
Grant WATSON: Electric bass guitar
Janet 'Jessie' HARLING: Fiddle

Nexus (1976).
This band had been in existence for some time when Rod auditioned for the roll of 'lead singer'
and had just taken over the Saturday night residency at the KIRRIBILLI Hotel (Sandstock Bar). They performed a mixture of Santana, Allman Brothers, Average White Band, Ayers Rock and original material.

Rod JEFFERY: 'Lead' vocals
Bill HEFFERNAN: GIBSON 'Les Paul Standard' six-string electric guitar/vocals
Gary LODER: GIBSON 'L6S' six-string electric guitar/vocals
Tim WATSON: FENDER 'Jazz Bass' electric bass guitar
John LEONE: Drums

The band folded when Bill left to form his own Santana-style band and a suitable replacement guitarist couldn't be found.
Though an interesting audition revealed another guitarist in Sydney at the time who both looked and played like Eric Clapton.

Comfrey's Fine (1977-9).
Formed around (then) 15 year old guitarist Jeff LENHAM the band lasted more than two years and held a Friday night residency at Tiger Lil's Wine Bar in GLEBE for nearly eighteen months. Only leaving of its own accord in September 1979. Rod had left the band in June of 1979 when the other members, at that point in time, decided to gear the band more towards a rock and roll audience and move away from the blues/jazz format that had existed up until then. In the years since Bob Rutherford's body was found some distance out to sea from Byron Bay NSW (cause of death unknown) and Malcolm Campbell was killed in a motor traffic accident. Mick Thornton became trombonist and trumpeter with successful pop/funk band, RUPERT B. FUNKIFIED FILTH (later known as 'Rupert B.'), but has recently drifted into the mists of time and memory. Dave Wray has gone on to perform with many bands including the LAYABOUTS and the EDDIES. Most recently re-inventing himself as crooner, Frank BENNETT with a relatively successful career as a performer and television host with a fake American accent. His introduction to the Sydney 'blues' audience came in early 1979 when Rod got him a 'blow' with the FOREDAY RIDERS at the 'Three Weeds' (Rose, Shamrock and Thistle Hotel) in Rozelle.
It should be noted that the residency at Tiger Lil's was as a result of close ties that the band had with the LAYABOUTS who formerly had held the residency for some considerable time. In fact, just as with BEACHHEAD in later times, the band filled in on a number of occasions for the LAYABOUTS.

Original Band:
Rod JEFFERY: Vocals
Jeffrey LENHAM: Lead guitar/bass guitar
Gary BEAVIS: Lead guitar/bass guitar
Ginette LENHAM: Rhythm guitar/flute
Janet 'Jessie' HARLING: Fiddle
(the 'late') Bob RUTHERFORD: Keyboards/guitar/bass(

(the 'late') Malcolm CAMPBELL: Drums

Final Band (June 1979 to end):
Noel ZAMMIT: Vocals
Jeffrey LENHAM: Lead guitar/bass guitar
Gary BEAVIS: Lead guitar/bass guitar
Ginette LENHAM: Rhythm guitar/flute
David 'Frank Bennett' WRAY: Alto saxophone
Mick THORNTON: Trombone/trumpet
(the 'late') Malcolm CAMPBELL: Drums

As stated earlier, Rod had left the band in June 1979.

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