Adam 'TREV' Barnard

Tatts Hotel, Goulburn: February 9, 2008

Adam is the youngest of the widely admired and extremely talented Barnard clan. A family that has so much musical talent that others are left in awe!
He is the youngest son of world renowned jazz trumpeter/cornetist, BOB, his older brother is London-based jazz guitarist, TONY (one of the best in the world), his cousin is none other than REBECCA (formerly of REBECCA'S EMPIRE fame) and his uncle, Rebecca's father, is the great jazz drummer, LEN ('Sluggsie').
With that sort of pedigree you would expect him to be good. He is!
Starting out as a rock drummer in his early teens, he
honed his jazz and blues skills while working with brother, Tony's 'ALL HAT JAZZ' at the Unity Hall Hotel in Balmain during their five year residency (1988-1993).
Adam had been part of the 'Beachhead family' from August 1993 until February 1994 when he was replaced by Max (THUMPA) Farrell on the eve of a Victorian tour with other music commitments forcing him to resign at that time.
When asked if he would like to rejoin in 1996, he returned and is now one half of a very special rhythm section.
One of the finest of kind in the country!
Between times he can be seen filling the drum seat, or showing his mastery of the washboard, with the likes of MIC CONWAY, JIM CONWAY, KING BISCUIT, the NEVVA BINTA MEMPHIS MUDSTEPPERS, BOB BARNARD, or, when Tony is home for a visit from England, with FOUR BROTHERS AHEAD, a band which also includes Chris and Willy QUA of GALAPAGOS DUCK fame (the original line-up), as well as Rod Jeffery.
He is the drummer on all but one track of the BEACHHEAD'S BLUES cassette and all but one on the Tony Barnard's All Hat Jazz CD. That position on the latter falls to uncle Len Barnard while Adam takes a hand to the congas.
Undoubtedly, one of the finest young drummers in jazz and blues, in Australia, today!

BEACHHEAD: the band

Tatts Hotel, Goulburn: February 9, 2008
Rod 'BEACHHEAD' Jeffery

Tatts Hotel, Goulburn: February 9, 2008
Gary 'GUITAR' Dale

Tatts Hotel, Goulburn: February 9, 2008
Raoul Hawkins


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