Rod at Tatts Hotel, Goulburn: February 9, 2008
Rod 'BEACHHEAD' Jeffery

Gary at Tatts Hotel, Goulburn: February 9, 2008
Gary 'GUITAR' Dale
(lead guitar/vocals)

'Beau' at the Imperial Hotel, Mt. Victoria NSW 1992 - İRod Jeffery
(June 6, 1990 - October 29, 2002)

'Possum' at BLUESVILLE, 2002 - İRod Jeffery
(November 1, 1990 - May 10, 2004)
The Band
İDeb Cannon
~In loving memory of my darling girl~

Shirley Vera JEFFERY (Mrs. BEACH)

(May 17, 1927 - August 11, 2007)

The 'last ever' photograph of Shirley and Rod together: Cooks River Motor Boat Club, Tempe NSW (Saturday - June 2, 2007).

The BEACHHEAD Wedding: December 20th, 1986

A History of 'Beachhead'/'Beachhead's Blues'
The 'Other' Bands

Links to things musical and non-musical!
Beachie's LINKS

Various recordings, both studio and 'live' by members of BEACHHEAD.

Photographs of the band(s) taken at assorted live performances from 1985 to the present!
Reviews of assorted Jazz & Blues CDs.
The TWEEDBOARD: Blues Music Forum
Recordings of some of the old and new Blues Classics by the Mayor of Tweedsville!

Music Discussion: 'THE' Music Forum


Raoul at Tatts Hotel, Goulburn: February 9, 2008
Raoul Hawkins
(bass guitar)

Adm at Tatts Hotel, Goulburn: February 9, 2008
Adam 'TREV' Barnard

For Bookings

(August, 1995 - July 17, 2009

I would like to thank Paul LIVINGSTON of Canberra
for allowing me to use his photographs of myself and the band that were taken at the Australian Blues Festival in Goulburn NSW - February 2008.
And also Deborah 'Blues Lady' CANNON for occasionally weird images such as the Beach Creature - Thanks Deb!

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Cheers folks!

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